Carpal Tunnel Sleeping Brace

Carpal Tunnel Sleeping Brace

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Wrist instability due to triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) injury
Radial nerve paralysis
Rheumatoid arthritis
Immobilization of the wrist

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Carpal Tunnel Sleeping Brace


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Night wrist sleep support brace  can use for wrist instability due to triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) injury

Wrist brace for sleeping can use for radial nerve paralysis

Sleep wrist brace for carpal tunnel can use for rheumatoid arthritis


Immobilization of the wrist


Anatomically-contoured aluminium wrist palmar splint

V-notch at fifth MP for palmar spread


Size: XS S M L XL (Left/Right)


The straps of this product have an open design. The movable Velcro straps allow patients to adjust the tightness of their wearing according to the needs of different rehabilitation periods. The tightness of wearing the product is adjusted by the strap, which is beneficial to the disassembly of the patient. At the same time, the Velcro is more sticky, stronger during wearing, and easy to adjust. The main material of the product is mostly skin-friendly and breathable perforated composite fabric to enhance the patient's sense of use. It is not easy to feel stuffy in summer. The inner lining that fits the skin uses a soft cloth to make the product contact with the skin more comfortable.


Wearing steps:

1. Pick up the product, tear off the Velcro, and put the product into your hand

2. Adjust the position of the aluminum support bar

3. Pass the strap through the slide buckle and paste it on the other end of the Velcro

4. Confirm whether to adjust to a comfortable position and finish wearing


Q: How to contact, negotiate and cooperate with you?

A: Kindly contact our international team by e-mail, telephone and other efficient communication way.


Q: Do you have the test and audit service?

A: Yes, we can assist to get the designated test report for product and the designated factory audit report. 

Q: Can we visit your factory before place the order?

A: Yes, welcome.! Nice to set up good relationship for business.  

Q: Is there the products tested before shipping?

A: Yes, of course. We have QC person stay on the production lines do to the inspection.All products must have been inspected before delivery.we do inline inspection and final inspection.

1. All raw material checked once it arrive our factory.

2. All pieces and logo and all details checked during production.

3. All packing details checked during production.

4. All production quality and packing checked on final inspection after finished.

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