Air Wrist Brace with Gel Pad

Accessories of the air wrist brace with gel pack:
Hot/Cold Gel Pack
Air Compression Body Wrap
Removable Air Pump

Product Details


Air Wrist Brace With Gel Pad


Adjustable wrist support with air pump can uses for soothes wrist and hand affected area

Helps reduce pain, stiffness & inflammation

Heat therapy helps decrease swelling, inflammation & pain

Cold therapy relaxes stiffness, improves flexibility & relieves pain

Compression therapy delivers hot or cold therapy deep into the muscle tissue


Application of air wrist brace with gel pad:

Wrist strains and sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, hand injuries.


Features of inflatable wrist brace with gel pad:

It is a circumferential compression therapy system that is more effective than any other conventional wraps. Our unique therapeutic device combines the benefits of cold or hot therapy with compression in a comfortable, conformable, easy to use support allowing tighter, targeted therapy surrounding treatment areas.

The pneumatic compress cold/hot wrist support is designed to easily adjust the fit to your hand and wrist. The unique compression pump allows you to securely fit the support and apply pressure to the area where conventional wraps cannot. Convenient thumb loop enhances the ease of fitting the wrist support keeping it in place. Support can be used for either your left or right hand..


Accessories of the air wrist brace with gel pack:

Hot/Cold Gel Pack

Air Compression Body Wrap 

Removable Air Pump


Use instructions of Cold & Hot compression wrist brace:

It's easy to use in any manner... cool in freezer or heat in microwave. Provides all over relief.

Gel packs can be used for hot or cold and are placed in the freezer or in hot water before use. A hot & cold wrap usually contain a gel pack or similar and are ideal for applying cold to specific areas as well as compression. If you have a whole joint injury such as an wrist sprain or knee sprain which involves swelling of the entire joint then a knee wrap or wrist wrap covering the entire joint will be most suitable as they will provide compression to help reduce swelling. If the injury does not involve swelling or is on a small area such as a single tendon then a simple ice pack or wrap will be suitable.


Size: Universal

Although the safety of resistance exercises is higher than most sports, but as your years of exercise are getting longer, it is inevitable that some sports injuries will find you, and tendonitis is one of them. The problem. Although tendonitis is not as serious as a fracture or joint problem, it is often overlooked because it is not a major problem.

How to prevent wrist tendonitis:

1. Prepare for exercise before exercise. Be calm, stretch. 

2. Allow the muscles to rest or change sports. If you have tendinitis due to work, take a break for a few days to avoid pain. If the tendonitis is caused by exercise, you can change to another exercise.

3. Wear wristbands during exercise. Even if you wear a wristband to provide some support and warmth, it is helpful during and after exercise.

4. Pay attention to the daily working posture of using the computer. The elbow should be maintained at 90 degrees while typing, and the shoulders should naturally relax and sag and rest on the armrest; the wrist should rest on the wrist rest board or other support design to avoid shoulder pain and wrist tendonitis. The mouse should be placed at the same height as the desktop of the keyboard and as close to the body as possible. When moving the mouse, use the muscles of the upper arm and the forearm to move the mouse, not just the strength of the wrist to avoid wrist tendonitis. It is best to install elbow support frame.You should rest for 5-10 minutes every hour and do some simple office stretching exercises to avoid prolonged muscle contraction, causing muscle fatigue and pain or causing tendonitis.

5.You should add more B vitamins to your diet, eat more carrots, animal livers, etc.

6. Wrist mobility exercises. Gently bend the wrist joint forward (flexion) and hold for 5 seconds in the most flexed position. Gently bend the wrist joint (back extension) to the back of the hand, and hold it for 

5 types of tenosynovitis:

1. Narrow tenosynovitis occurs mostly in the extensor hallucis longus and abductor hallucis longus, which is called radial styloid stenosing tenosynovitis. It occurs in the flexor tendon of the thumb or finger, which is called the trigger finger. Although synovial fluid secreted by the tendon sheath lubricates the tendon sheath, certain special actions such as repeated rubbing are inevitable, such as woodworking, weightlifting, restaurant waiters, and manual operators. Because the above tendon sheath plays the role of a pulley, the friction is the largest and the most susceptible to damage, which is manifested by the thickening of the tendon sheath and affecting the normal activities of the tendon. Tenosynovitis stenosis may also be the result of certain resting or subclinical collagen disorders.

2. Acute fibrous tenosynovitis, also known as fricative synovitis. The lesion was in the connective tissue around the synovium, with edema, congestion, and infiltration of leukocytes and plasma cells. The disease is characterized by a soft frictional sound, which is caused by the fibrils of connective tissue rubbing around the edema tendons. The most common part is the upper part of the wrist, which is characterized by the radial wrist short elongator tendon and long abductor hallucis and short extensor hallux muscles, which are also most commonly produced.

3. Acute serous tenosynovitis, also known as rheumatic tenosynovitis, is part of systemic rheumatism and is a response to acute rheumatic fever. The patient has high fever, joint pain, swelling, and effusion. The most important disease is rheumatic myocarditis. After the fever, the serous fluid of the tendon sheath exudates and absorbs, and the tendonitis self-heals.

4. Acute suppurative tenosynovitis often occurs after trauma, especially puncture wounds, most often in the flexor tendons of the wrist and fingers. The early stage of the infection is synovitis of the tendon sheath, followed by the tendon tarnishing, turning gray or green, and infiltration and necrosis by pus. The most common is Staphylococcus, followed by Streptococcus.

5. Tuberculous tenosynovitis, caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. First, the synovium of the tendon sheath is invaded, and the palm extends along the ulnar and radial bursa through the carpal tunnel to the forearm. The tendon sheath is thickened by the infiltration of tuberculosis and granulation tissue, and the sheath contains yellow exudate and yellow rice granules. Gradually, the tendon is also infiltrated with granulation tissue to form nodular hypertrophy, which loses its original smooth energy and kinetic energy. When granulation tissue invades other tendon sheaths and nerves, it can cause flexion and sensory disturbances.

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