Short Wrist Splint

Immobilization of the wrist
Anatomically-contoured aluminium wrist palmar splint
V-notch at fifth MP for palmar spread

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Short Wrist Splint  


Short wrist drop splint uses for carpal tunnel syndrome

Wrist instability due to triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) injury

Radial nerve paralysis

Rheumatoid arthritis


Carpal tunnel syndrome splint uses for Immobilization of the wrist


Anatomically-contoured aluminium wrist palmar splint

V-notch at fifth MP for palmar spread

Size: S M L XL (Left/Right)


TFCC injury can occur when the hand is falling and supporting the ground. At this time, the wrist joint is subjected to axial stress at the position of wrist extension and pronation. Other mechanisms of injury include greater rotational force or stretch force causing injury. Studies have found that most patients with displaced distal radius fractures have combined TFCC tears, and the instability of the distal radioulnar joint 1 year after injury is common.

Patients usually see a doctor with pain and snapping on the ulnar side of the cubit, which are aggravated when the cubit is deviated and the forearm is strongly rotated. The study found that the sensitivity and specificity of ulnar head depression for diagnosing discontinuous ulnar head or ulnar deltoid ligament tear were 95% and 86%, respectively.

Injuries are usually caused by a fall and a sudden and violent twisting of the wrist. As a result, the triangular fibrocartilage may be torn due to the degree of injury, or even dislocation of the wrist joint in severe cases. There are also ball sports injuries, including tennis and badminton, because the wrist rotates and stretches back in the forehand, so that the pressure is concentrated on the little finger. Repetitive injuries are usually caused by the repeated rotation of the forearm and wrist joints, which causes the triangular fibrocartilage to be squeezed or pulled, resulting in rupture or even degeneration. This is easy to occur in ethnic groups who often use their wrists during housework or work.

In the acute phase, conservative treatment is needed, rest and proper protection or use of wrist brace for effective fixation can reduce pain and provide an environment for tissue repair. In the early stage of injury, under the premise of not producing too much pain, you can train your grasping strength and stimulate the arm flexor muscles to stabilize the wrist joint function. After the physiotherapist or physician evaluates the symptoms during the stable period, relevant physiotherapy exercises can be performed.


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