Reel-Adjust Wrist Support

Carpal tunnel syndrome
TFCC ( triangular fibrocartilage complex ) injury
Radial nerve paralysis

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Reel-Adjust Wrist Splint Brace


Carpal tunnel syndrome

TFCC ( triangular fibrocartilage complex ) injury

Radial nerve paralysis


Reel-Adjust closure system applying for excellent fit , convenience ,durability

Anatomically-contoured aluminum palmar splint

Immobilization of the wrist

Comfortable, breathable, skin-friendly material

Universal design for left and right hand

Size: S M L XL


TFCC refers to a group of important structures on the ulnar side of the wrist joint, including articular discs, meniscus homologs, volar and dorsal distal radioulnar ligament, deep layer of tendon sheath of extensor carpi ulnaris, ulnar joint capsule, ulnar ligament and The deltoid ulnar ligament consists of deep and shallow layers. The stops converge and intersect each other to form a joint tendon and stop at the base of the ulnar styloid process. This structure is an important structure of the wrist joint, because it is more complicated and easily damaged, which easily leads to wrist pain and early degeneration of the joint.

For TFCC injury, the following treatments can be taken

1. For new and minor injuries of this type, conservative treatment can be the first choice. It is generally recommended to use wrist brace to completely fix the patient's wrist joint. On this basis, it is necessary to use some anti-inflammatory, swelling and pain-relieving drugs for treatment. After such patients achieve relief of related symptoms, they need to do corresponding functional exercises.

2. For some serious injuries of this type, surgical treatment is required. After the operation, the patient still needs to use wrist support brace for fixation and do corresponding functional exercises under the guidance of the doctor.

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A: Yes.

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