Hand Splint

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Wrist instability due to triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) injury
Radial nerve paralysis
Rheumatoid arthritis

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Hand Splint


Hand wrist splint uses for carpal tunnel syndrome

Hand wrist brace uses for wrist instability due to triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) injury

Hand and wrist support uses for radial nerve paralysis

Rheumatoid arthritis


Immobilization of the wrist


Elastic design is more convenient to adjust comfort

Anatomically-contoured aluminium wrist palmar splint

V-notch at fifth MP for palmar spread

Size: S M L XL(Left/Right)

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Using unprofessional products may cause secondary injury to the affected area. If the product is too tight, it will cause poor blood circulation in the skin and aggravate the pain in the affected area. The product used has a poor fixation effect, and the fixation is unstable, resulting in frequent and unintentional displacement of the affected area, which will promote the aggravation of the injury. The product used is made of poorly breathable fabric, which will accelerate the deterioration of joint disorders.

Our products are made of composite materials, which are comfortable and not stuffy. Soft and comfortable, high fit, promote normal blood circulation. There is an arc-shaped aluminum alloy strip on the palm that fits and fixes, which can effectively provide support and fixation and is more conducive to recovery. The product is designed with straps, which can be easily adjusted to suit its own size and tightness, suitable for different people and use in different situations. The products we produce are connected with fine lines, not easy to drop, neat and smooth, and beautiful in appearance.


Q: Can we use our own logo?

A: Yes, we can print your private logo according to your request.

Q: How many packaging do you have?

A: We have five packages including PE bag, hand bag, zip lock bag, colorful box and white box currently.

Q: Which payment form you can accept?

A: T/T, Western Union, PayPal etc. We accept any convenient and swift payment term.

Q: What's your after-sale service?

A: Our quality warranty period is one year. Any quality problem will be solved to customer satisfactions. 

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