Air Wrist Wrap with Hot Cold Therapy

Air wrist brace with hot cold therapy uses for soothes wrist and hand affected area
Air wrist support with hot cold therapy helps reduce pain, stiffness & inflammation
Air brace for wrist helps decrease swelling, inflammation & pain
Cold therapy relaxes stiffness, improves flexibility & relieves pain
​Compression therapy delivers hot or cold therapy deep into the muscle tissue

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Air Wrist Wrap With Hot Cold Therapy


Air wrist brace with hot cold therapy uses for soothes wrist and hand affected area

Air wrist support with hot cold therapy helps reduce pain, stiffness & inflammation

Air brace for wrist helps decrease swelling, inflammation & pain

Cold therapy relaxes stiffness, improves flexibility & relieves pain

Compression therapy delivers hot or cold therapy deep into the muscle tissue

Wrist strains and sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, hand injuries.



It is a circumferential compression therapy system that is more effective than any other conventional wraps. Our unique therapeutic device combines the benefits of cold or hot therapy with compression in a comfortable, conformable, easy to use support allowing tighter, targeted therapy surrounding treatment areas.

It is designed to easily adjust the fit to your hand and wrist. The unique compression pump allows you to securely fit the support and apply pressure to the area where conventional wraps cannot. Convenient thumb loop enhances the ease of fitting the wrist support keeping it in place. Support can be used for either your left or right hand..

The main role is to effectively rest the injured wrist joint to facilitate the recovery of the injury.



Hot/Cold Gel Pack

Air Compression Body Wrap 

Removable Air Pump


Use Instructions of the air compress cold/hot wrist wrap:

It's easy to use in any manner... cool in freezer or heat in microwave. Provides all over relief.

Gel packs can be used for hot or cold and are placed in the freezer or in hot water before use. A hot & cold wrap usually contain a gel pack or similar and are ideal for applying cold to specific areas as well as compression. If you have a whole joint injury such as an wrist sprain or knee sprain which involves swelling of the entire joint then a knee wrap or wrist wrap covering the entire joint will be most suitable as they will provide compression to help reduce swelling. If the injury does not involve swelling or is on a small area such as a single tendon then a simple ice pack or wrap will be suitable.


Size: Universal

The human tendon is surrounded by a sealed synovial tube, also known as a tendon sheath. It is like a common wire in life. A rubber sheath surrounds the inner wire. It surrounds the tendon in two layers, the synovial cavity is in the middle, and the inner layer is in close contact with the tendon. The outer layer is lined with the tendon fiber sheath, which is combined with the bone surface. It has the ability to fix, protect and lubricate the tendon from Friction or oppression. In daily work and life, excessively frequent activities will cause excessive friction between tendons and tendon sheaths, followed by aseptic inflammation such as congestion, edema, and exudation, which are manifested as local pain, soreness, and restricted movement. , "Tenosynovitis" is also formed.

Common classification of tenosynovitis:

Tendon sheaths are distributed in the biceps tendon sulcus of the wrist, palms, feet, and shoulders, so tenosynovitis can occur in the fingers, toes, wrists, ankles, and shoulders, especially the wrists and fingers. Orthopaedic experts said that the prevalence of radial styloid stenosis tenosynovitis of the radial styloid process, tendonitis of the flexor tendon and plantar flexor tendonitis.

Styloid tenosynovitis of the radial styloid process. This type of tenosynovitis occurs at the bone process on the thumb side of the wrist. There is obvious pain around the bone process, limited thumb movement, and local tenderness.

Tendonitis is mostly due to chronic chronic contraction and strain of the tendon, which results in local inflammation and edema of the medium deposition, followed by fibrosis, but it will not cause obvious joint flexion and extension disorders.

The wrist can be said to be the most sophisticated and unique joint of our body. Although each joint is important, for us humans: the hand can be said to be the source of action, and the brain is the source of creativity. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: often referred to as the mouse hand, refers to the fact that the carpal tunnel pressure is increased due to the absolute or relative narrowness of the carpal tunnel. A condition characterized by pain and paresthesia .The related ligaments and cartilage injuries are actually very common in our lives. Long-term poor use and long-term poor posture may lead to chronic injuries and related problems, while acute injuries caused by falls and wrong joint load pressure.In fact, we can largely protect the wrist joints through preventive measures, which is why I have always emphasized the importance of wrist braces.

We also call support braces, braces, etc. This wristband is very different from sports wristbands. Support bracers are usually relatively hard in texture. The outer layer is a soft elastic fabric, and the inner interlayer is equipped with plastic metal or plastic braces. The wrist brace can fix the wrist joint in a functional position, relax the wrist joint, and relieve inflammation of the ligaments and fascia after local injury of the wrist. Therefore, the support brace is mainly used for fixation in the case of wrist sprain, fracture, etc., so that the injured wrist joint can be fully rested, which is conducive to the elimination of local inflammation.

How to stay away?

1. Keep warm. When the hands are stimulated by cold, it is easy to cause blood stagnation in the hands and can not support the meridians. Therefore, it is recommended not to let your hands get cold and cold in your life, and it is best to use warm water for washing and laundry.

2. Reduce strain. When doing some housework, do not use too much force on your fingers and wrists. You should not work too long for continuous work or playing with your mobile phone. Move your fingers and wrists every one hour. Pay attention to maintaining the correct working posture when you work. Keep your hands balanced, your wrists can touch the real thing, don't hang.

It is recommended that people who use mobile phones for typing, playing games, and working with computers for a long time, manual tailors, assembly line workers, middle-aged and elderly people who have long-term heavy housework and caring for babies, can often soak their hands and wrists with warm water, which can help relieve fatigue Loosen meridians.

3. Massage points. Yangxi Point: The thumb is tilted upward, and there is a depression between the thumb long and short extensor tendon. Use your forefinger to put it in this position, and then knead it down, there will be obvious soreness, rubbing this point for a long time is helpful for thumb abduction and extension. Sanjian acupoint: Push along the side of the index finger with your thumb and pass over the second metacarpophalangeal joint. This depression in the back is Sanjian acupoint. In addition to rubbing like the above, this point can also be used with a slight spring pull, which can help prevent tenosynovitis.

4. Use orthopedic products for prevention. 

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