Foot Fracture Walking Boot

Grade I/II ankle sprain
Stable fracture of the fibula, talus, calcaneus and medial malleolus
Ankle and foot fracture
Post surgery of ankle and foot injury

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Foot Fracture Walking Boot


Foot fracture walker boot uses for grade I/II ankle sprain

Stable fracture of the fibula, talus, calcaneus and medial malleolus

Ankle and foot fracture

Post surgery of ankle and foot injury



Patent tool-free multiple combination

Double pumps systems of cam walker provide individual compression not only for promoting callus formation over fracture site but also reducing local swelling

The medical walking boot for foot fracture has high density inner sole provide shock absorbing

Front panel with inflated aircell for more complete protection and support

Mimic athletic rocker sole design promotesnatural gait and increases the ability of anti-slip

One-piece liner with mash fabric for comfort and better permeability

It is available in 11'&17" height


Size: S M L

Instructions For Use

foot fracture walking boot-instructions for use

1. Place foot and leg inside foam liner and fasten it snugly

2. You may put pad kits to supplement inner space or between walker frame and soft good

3. Place wrapped foot into walker frame. And the heel puts against the posterior panel of the brace

4. Place front panel and make sure the front side of foam wrap is well covered

5. Fasten all the straps snugly from distal to proximal

How To Adjust Aircell Pressure

WB013-How to adjust the foot fracture walking boot

1. Squeeze the bilateral bulb to inflate

2. To deflate aircells, press the small button which is next the bulb


When a fracture or sprain occurs in the leg, it is sometimes necessary to put on a cast for external fixation. However, the use of heavy casts will leave the patient with no room for ventilation and room for movement. For a long time to come, you may have to say goodbye to bathing, exercise or even normal activities. But the use of walking boot can help the patient to be well protected while not affecting normal activities. After ankle sprain, minor ankle fracture, Achilles tendon rupture, postoperative, ankle sprain rehabilitation, ankle postoperative rehabilitation and other conditions, help them speed up the recovery process and let them return to normal life as soon as possible.


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are professional manufacturer specialized in orthopedic and sport products. And we trade our products with our clients directly.

Q: If l have a product wants to be made in other special material, can you do it?

A: Of course, you just need to provide us designed drawings or sample and R&D department will estimate that whether we can do or not, we will give you the most satisfactory reply.

Q: Is there the products tested before shipping?

A: Yes, of course. We have QC person stay on the production lines do to the inspection.All products must have been inspected before delivery.we do inline inspection and final inspection.

1. All raw material checked once it arrive our factory.

2. All pieces and logo and all details checked during production.

3. All packing details checked during production.

4. All production quality and packing checked on final inspection after finished.

Q: Do you have a export licence?

A: Yes.

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