Over Shoulder Humeral Brace

Over Shoulder Humeral Brace

Help to support the fracture site and for fixation
Light weight, allows full ROM of both elbow joint
An alternative or following cast removal

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Over Shoulder Humeral Brace


Over shoulder humeral fracture brace uses for mid and proximal humeral fractures


Over shoulder humeral splint can help to support the fracture site and for fixation

It is light weight, allows full ROM of both elbow joint

An alternative or following cast removal


The two pieces of the brace come together to form a cylinder to provide compression

Shell of the deltoid bracet is a rigid polyethylene that is lightweight and durable

It is laminated with closed cell foam lining

Deltoid cap extension of the broken shoulder brace prevents it from migrating

The strap on proximal splint wraps beneath the opposite arm, limiting the motion of shoulder Measure circumference of biceps

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Humeral fractures often occur in the surgical neck of the humerus, the shaft of the humerus, the supracondyle of the humerus, the intercondylar of the humerus, the external humerus condyle, and the internal epicondyle of the humerus. Among them, there are more of the first three, which can occur at any age. Mostly caused by direct violence and indirect violence, such as heavy objects hitting, squeezing, hitting, and falling when the hand or elbow touches the ground, and the violence is transmitted to various parts through the forearm or elbow. X-ray examination can confirm the diagnosis and indicate the type of fracture.


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