Shoulder Brace For Posture Correction

Shoulder Brace For Posture Correction

Foam padded shoulder straps with velvet lining for cushioning and stabilization
Easily to adjust with hook and loop fasteners

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Shoulder Brace For Posture Correction


Clavicle fractures
Shoulder posture correction belt uses for round shoulder


Back shoulder posture corrector has foam padded shoulder straps with velvet lining for cushioning and stabilization
back and shoulder posture corrector is easy to adjust with hook and loop fasteners

Size: Universal


The medical fixation belt series is mainly used to support the local fixation of a diseased part of the body before treatment and after reduction of the diseased person, alleviating or reducing muscle pain and soreness, so as not to spread the disease. It is generally divided into wrist brace, elbow brace, foot eversion fixation sleeve, forearm fixation sleeve and so on. When the clavicle has fractures, pain, and other problems, the clavicle fixation belt has a certain effect on relieving pain and avoiding the disease. This product is suitable for fixation of clavicle fractures; it can replace figure 8 bandages and casts, so as not to damage the axillary blood vessels and arm nerves.

The use of a clavicle fixation band can limit the displacement of the fracture end, prevent damage to adjacent blood vessels and nerves at the fracture site, ensure the physiological healing of the fracture end, and have good stability after fixation. Clavicle band fixation is mainly used to treat clavicle fractures without displacement. For clavicle fractures with misalignment or major complications, surgery is needed. Therefore, the role of the clavicle fixation belt is to fix the clavicle so that it cannot be displaced, so the fixation needs to be firm. If it is loose, it loses its significance.


Q: How does your factory do the quality control?
A: Quality is the priority, we always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end. The skilful workers care every detail in handling the producing and packing processes.
Quality Control Department is specially responsible for quality checking in each process.

Q: How can we buy from your factory?

A:  Let us know the reference number of products in which you are interested or send us the picture. On receiving the inquiry our sales manager will contact immediately to serve you.

Q: When can I get the price?

A: We will send you offer sheet within 24 hours after we receive your inquiry.

Q: Do you accept OEM/ODM?

A: Yes, welcome to send your specific requirements to us.

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