Full Arm Brace

Breathable, durable material for arm rest
Padded shoulder strap with velour lining
Envelope style with thumb support

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Full Arm Brace


Full arm support can use for immobilization after rotator cuff repair or shoulder girdle fracture

Adjustable full arm brace can use for dislocation/subluxation


Rest the arm and immobilize it


With breathable, durable material for arm rest

Padded shoulder strap with velour lining

As envelope style with thumb support

Size: S M L XL

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Instructions For Use

Full Arm Brace Instructions


1. Measure forearm length

2. Refer to sizing chart to select proper size

3. Place affected forearm into sling and hold in front of body

4. Place shoulder strap over opposite shoulder and move shoulder pad near your neck so it feels comfortable

5. Pass strap through D-ring and secure two ends

6. Adjust the strap length for optimal positioning and comfort

7. Fasten another waist strap around waist. Pass strap and through D-ring and secure

8. Insert thumb into the thumb loop to keep hand in space


This product uses comfortable and breathable fabrics, which can drain sweat in time and keep the skin dry and breathable. The shoulder strap of the product uses a special weave method, special material, washing does not shrink, durable. There is also a widened shoulder pad on the shoulder strap, which is soft and comfortable. It can increase the area of the neck when worn and help reduce the pressure on the neck. You can see the edging design of the product, the gaps are clearly visible, and the routing is clear, making you more comfortable to wear next to your body.


Q: We got less price from another company, would you please best their price?

A: We can not vouch for the quality of items or services you will receive from another company and therefore we don’t attempt to match or beat their prices. Our pricing is based on many factors, and we strive to price items fairly and competitively. We take great price in our quality product and services quality and hope that pricing is not the only thing that is essential to our customers when they make a purchase. “Gold is never sold at the price of silver but by putting it’s color on it”. So be careful when you get undue rock-bottom pricing.

Q: What is your term of payment?

 A: T/T, PayPal, and western union.


Q: Can you support wholesale business?

A: Yes, if we have products in inventory, we can support client at purchasing small quantity like wholesale.


Q: What's the business scope for your company?

A: Our main products are orthopedic products and sporting products.


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Full Arm Brace Factory

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Full Arm Brace Certificate


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