The Role Of Knee Protection

- May 07, 2018-

The knitted fabric adopts a high-elastic 1:1 ribbed lining structure, while the apocynum cotton blended yarn is woven with a lining rubber elastic yarn, which makes it more flexible, more elastic, and more comfortable to wear. . Reasonable structural design, health care,

Comfort as a whole, on the knee rheumatism, arthritis, pain, swelling, numbness, inflexibility, twist contusion has a significant effect on the old cold legs, hyperplasia, bone spurs, movement disorders, strain can play a supporting role. It is especially suitable for people with leg problems such as the elderly and athletes. It can improve the microcirculation of blood in joints, promote blood circulation, eliminate blood stasis, relieve pain, promote inflammatory absorption and repair of damaged joints, increase the activity of corresponding joints, and treat arthritis, joint hydrops, varicose veins, and vasculature in corresponding parts. Inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis and other obvious symptoms improve the effect. And it is different from various magnetic health products sold in the market. There are no magnetic lump in the product, which is comfortable to wear and easy to wash.

Bundled Hole-Opening Knee This bundled, open-ended knee protector is made of advanced protective materials in the world. The design is reasonable, and a special thickening reinforcement treatment is performed at the opening to better protect the knee from lateral displacement. The improved magic gluing allows the user to adjust the tightness. Bringing it on the mountain can effectively prevent the knee from being damaged.

Washing method: hand wash or machine wash with cold water, dry it, without dehydration.