Plastic Neck Support

Plastic Neck Support

Acute neck pain
Minor muscle spasm associated with spondylosis
Protection during halo application

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Plastic Neck Support


Plastic adjustable neck support uses for acute neck pain

Plastic adjustable neck brace uses for minor muscle spasm associated with spondylosis

Uses for protection during halo application


Kinesthetic reminder to limit neck movement

Limitation of movement


It is made of PE material with rigid support

Ventilation holes increase breathability

















The product is designed according to ergonomics, and the arc design of the product can effectively support the patient's neck. The easy-to-adjust hook and loop design not only makes it more convenient for patients to use, but also makes the product suitable for patients with different physiques.

The product introduced on this page is not only made of soft foam pads, but also a breathable plastic support plate in the middle of the product to improve the support of the product. During the use of the product, it is both soft and can provide users with stronger support. Not only can it be used to relieve head pain symptoms caused by cervical strain and sprain in daily life, it can also provide effective support for postoperative rehabilitation of neck fractures. Because neck brace not only needs to support the jaw and neck, it also needs to limit the movement of the neck, reduce the pulling effect caused by the user's movement, and help reduce the pain and pressure of the spine. For some patients who need to use the product for a long time, the softness of the product is very important. The product is soft enough to allow the patient to use it while sleeping without any discomfort. At the same time, it can provide excellent support.

Q: Which certificate do you have?

A: CE, FDA and ISO13485.


Q: Do you have the test and audit service?

A: Yes, we can assist to get the designated test report for product and the designated factory audit report.

Q: What is your shipping service?

A: We can provide services for vessel booking, goods consolidation, customs declaration, shipping documents preparation and delivery bulk at the shipping port.

Q: Can you provide the FBA shipping service?

A: Yes, we have the good experience in providing the professional FBA service.   


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