Knee Ligament Support

Knee Ligament Support

Collateral ligament injuries
Moderate knee sprain and strain
Patellar subluxation/ tilting
Meniscus injuries

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Knee Ligament Support


Ligament knee brace can treat collateral ligament injuries
Moderate knee sprain and strain
Patellar subluxation/tilting
Meniscus injuries


Medial collateral ligament knee support can provide support and stabilization for collateral ligaments
Torn ligament knee brace can control the terminal extension angle for load relief
Round patellar donut relieves pressure on patella


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The knee joint is the largest and most complex joint in the human body. Knee joints include tibia-femoral joints, kneecap-femoral joints, and upper tibia-fibula joints. There are two half-moon cartilages, which are half-moon-shaped fibrous cartilage bone tissues, located between the femoral condyle and the tibial plateau. Their main function is to absorb impact force and stabilize the center of gravity. There are many ligaments that provide stable center of gravity and prevent excessive sports injuries, such as the anterior cruciate ligament, the posterior cruciate ligament, the medial collateral ligament, and the lateral collateral ligament are important ligament tissues for knee joint stability. This product is made of special elastic material and has the function of keeping warm and pressing. The patella is designed with an opening, and there is a metal hinge on each side to stabilize the knee from the side and the middle. There is a loop fixing belt on the upper and lower knees. Makes walking and sitting more convenient and not easy to fall off.


Q: Can you do OEM and ODM?

A: Yes, OEM and ODM are both acceptable. The material, color, style can customize, the basic quantity we will advise after we discuss.

Q: Can you do our own packaging?

A: Yes, you just provide the package design and we will produce what you want. We also have the professional designer can help you do the packaging design.

Q: How many different types of products your company manufactures?

A: Now we have more than 1,000 products. We have a strong advantage of OEM, just give us the actual products or your idea that you want, we will manufacture for you.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: The general delivery time is 30-45 days after receiving your order confirmation. Anther, if we have the goods in stock, it will only take 1-2 days.

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