Range of Motion Knee Supports

Collateral ligament injuries
Cruciate ligament sprain
Post meniscus surgery

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Range Of Motion Knee Supports


Range of motion knee brace can treat collateral ligament injuries
ROM knee support can treat cruciate ligament sprain
Post meniscus surgery


Controls flexion and extension at 0°, 15°,30°, 60°, 90°
Provide support and stabilization for collateral ligaments

Size: S M L XL


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Knee Circum. (IN)





Knee Circum. (CM)






How To Set The Hinge

Range Of Motion Knee Supports Instructions

1. Push upward to disengage the cover of hinge

2. Remove stop pegs to desired degree. bilateral flexion or extension pegs must be placed in the same degree to stabilize the hinge.

3. Cover the hinge back and adjust another hinge as the same way.


Meniscus protection is mainly a problem that needs special attention for people who exercise excessively or lack daily exercise. Because the meniscus is one of the non-renewable joint structures. The strength of the knee joint musculature of normal people can only cope with daily exercises. For slightly higher-intensity exercises, the knee joints are suitable for knee joints and cannot respond in time, resulting in excessive joint load and joint damage. Among them are meniscus injuries, ligament strains and other problems.

Meniscus protection is mainly for the problems that need to be paid attention to when the intensity of daily activities is exceeded. The protection methods usually adopt two methods: First, reduce the exercise intensity. 2. Use protective gear with the function of protecting the meniscus. Warm up first during the exercise, after fully warming up, the principle of gradual progress should be adopted for some higher intensity exercises. For cases where the meniscus has been damaged or surgery has been performed, the protection method is to use sports protective gear with a special function of protecting the meniscus, such as the knee brace mentioned in this page for sports and postoperative use. At the same time, do more exercises for the muscle tissue around the knee joint.


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A: We are professional manufacturer specialized in orthopedic and sport products. And we trade our products with our clients directly. 

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A: Yes, we can print your private logo according to your request. 

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A: We have five packages including PE bag, hand bag, zip lock bag, colorful box and white box currently.

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A: Yes, you just provide the package design and we will produce what you want. We also have the professional designer can help you do the packaging design.


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