Why Use The Full Length Silicone Insole?

- Jun 07, 2019-

Why use the full length silicone insole?

The human foot consists of 26 bones and 2 sesamoids, which are shaped like triangles and divide the hind foot, midfoot and forefoot. The hind foot is composed of calcaneus and talus to form the subtalar joint. The heel can slow down the impact on the foot. The middle foot is composed of wedge bone, tibia and scaphoid, and locks together to form the longitudinal arch. The bow is flexible and supports the weight of the body; the forefoot consists of the phalanx and the tibia, which creates a driving force during the detachment period and the arch of the arch to achieve the goal.

Taking off your shoes and socks, you will find a hallux valgus in many middle-aged women. Most of these are caused by congenital abnormalities or long-term wear of high heels, and other toe deflections and rides may occur, which may cause osteoarthritis and cause pain, and may also cause sputum pain under the head of the second to third metatarsal bones. Other foot diseases are also the same, high bow feet will cause pain due to stress concentration; inflammation of the toe joint, foot defect, foot varus, etc. can cause abnormal gait; unequal length of both feet can cause pelvic tilt and vertebral side Bend and so on.

High arched feet can use a crossbow pad or a humeral head bar to relieve pain; spurs can be treated with a specially designed silicone insole such as full length silicone insole to relieve pain.

For those who have been standing for a long time, soft, elastic insoles such as full length silicone insole or soft-soled shoes should be used. In life, it is very important to choose a pair of shoes that fit together. Try not to wear high heels for a long time to avoid closeness of the foot disease.

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