Why Do Shoulder Pain?

- May 14, 2019-

Why do shoulder pain?

The shoulder blade and the clavicle form the shoulder strap and are located in the upper part of the human body. The shoulder strap is used to describe the activity of the shoulder blade and the collarbone. The sterno-lock joint and the acromioclavicular joint cause the scapula to move. The movement of the scapula belt has six types of movements: lifting, descending, stretching, retracting, upper and lower rotation. Five muscles are attached to the scapula and clavicle and provide movement of the shoulder strap. Any damage or inflammation in these structures can cause pain.

When the tendon is torn or pulled, rotator cuff damage occurs. This may be the actual separation of the tendon from the muscle, or it may be irritation or inflammation. The range of injuries ranges from mild to severe. The main cause of rotator cuff injury is excessive use or repeated exercise over a period of time.

The most common causes of shoulder pain include:

Rotator cuff injuries and tears


Frozen shoulder syndrome

Shoulder dislocation



Referred pain from neck or upper back strain


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