When To Wear Compression Knee Sleeve?

- Apr 08, 2019-

When to wear compression knee sleeve?

The most common types of knee brace include two types, compression knee sleeve and the professional knee braces with reinforcing guards on both sides. General exercise does not require knee brace, because compression knee sleeve usually have a warming effect, and after wearing, the tibia in front of the knee will be a certain compression, affecting the exercise effect. If you are climbing, you need to use it intermittently. Do not use it all the way.

Wear it when the knee feels uncomfortable, and take it when the condition is good, otherwise it will affect the normal training of the muscles. In the choice of knee brace, there is no need for a particularly strong knee brace, because the more functional knee brace, the better the protection and support effect, the greater the range of effects affecting the exercise, and the permanent exercise will greatly reduce the muscle exercise effect.

Professional knee brace are generally used by people whose knees have been injured, because their knees are not strong enough after injury, and they need to use the reinforcing strips on both sides to support them.

Knee brace are suitable for downhill use. In the case of climbing, the knee brace are a hindrance to the muscles. When resting, the knees must be breathable and perspiration. Of course, the knees should be warm and not cold.

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