When To Use Wrist Support?

- Jun 19, 2019-

When to use wrist support?

Older people are prone to fractures due to the loss of calcium.

Wrist fracture is one of the more common fractures in the elderly. The typical injury is the palm of the hand when it falls, resulting in a wrist fracture. Most are closed fractures, ie there is no damage to the local skin. It is characterized by local deformation, swelling of soft tissue, and the forearm consists of the humerus on the thumb side and the ulna on the side of the little finger. The humerus is inflated near the wrist, and the wrist is composed of the wrist. The most common fracture is the distal radius fracture. According to the mechanism of the injury and the shape of the fracture line, there is a complicated fracture classification. Then, in the event of such a fracture, we should go to the hospital for treatment to determine whether surgery is needed. If we find that there is no need for surgery, we can choose to use an external fixed brace such as a wrist support for adjuvant treatment.

If the elderly need to use surgical methods for treatment after suffering from a wrist fracture, the surgical treatment is mainly to cut and open the fracture of the wrist of the patient, and then fix it with a steel plate, etc., so that strong internal fixation can be performed. Displacement is less likely to occur after treatment. Wearing wrist support during the recovery can effectively prevent secondary injuries to the wrist.

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