When can I resume normal exercise after an ankle injury?

- Apr 15, 2020-

When can I resume normal exercise after an ankle injury?

• It is very important to restore the timing of normal exercise. Returning to exercise too early can easily lead to sprains.

• Before returning to normal exercise, make sure that the joint activity has returned to at least 80% -90%, and can complete the training described above.

• You can do some stationary bikes, upper limb bikes, water treadmills and swimming to restore cardiopulmonary function. But it should be selected according to the pain tolerance of the injury.

• Walking for 20 seconds on foot, jumping 10 times on foot, can increase jogging practice.

• It is recommended to wear protective gear or intramuscular stickers for at least 6 months during training until proprioception and muscle strength are completely restored.

• You must choose a flat road for running. It is not recommended to run on slopes, grass or uneven roads. Running practice runs in a straight line, but can increase the walking curve. It is recommended to wear comfortable thick-soled sneakers.

• The running speed increases slowly, after which you can increase the acceleration.

• Can increase difficulty training such as emergency stop, turn around and run around the pile of 8 characters.

How to prevent further sprains?

• About 30-40% of ankle varus sprains will re-injure, and the recurrence rate is still relatively high.

• First, functional training needs to continue until full fitness is restored.

• It is important to rebuild the sense of proprioception. Need to strengthen balance training to improve proprioception.

• Muscle strength is also an important factor in maintaining joint stability. Sufficient muscle strength can prevent over-stretching injuries of static devices such as joint capsules and ligaments. Strength training is needed in functional training.

• Pay attention to choosing appropriate and comfortable protective equipment, or you can use intramuscular patching technology.

• If severe ligament tears are combined, surgical repair is an important way to prevent repeated sprains.