What Is The Orthopedic Fixed Product?

- Feb 23, 2019-

What is the orthopedic fixed product?

Orthopedic fixed product can promote disease healing. It can help patients improve their ability to move. 

Orthopedic fixed product has the functions of fixation, movement, correction, mitigation and stability. Orthopedic fixed product stabilizes, activates, and relieves the injured body or limb, or provides corrective guidance on the physiological position. It can prevent, offset or correct incorrect posture and poor weight. In the case of permanent injury, they maintain normal function and prevent (or alleviate) pain.

By using the orthopedic fixed product, the affected body parts can be fully fixed or moved within a controlled range. In addition, the orthopedic fixed product can also be used to correct postures and movements. 

Professional nerve-fixers compensate for lost body functions (eg, partial limb paralysis), including full or partial paralysis of the legs and arms due to stroke or polio. The doctor will determine if a fixture is used for the patient after a detailed examination. In the ideal case, the doctor and the orthopedic surgeon should choose the right product.

Orthopedic fixed product is usually made of rigid materials and contain matching functional components such as belts, rods, hinges or steel bars.

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