What Is Spinal Orthosis?

- Jul 04, 2019-

What is spinal orthosis?

Commonly used spinal orthoses include cervical orthosis, fixed spinal orthosis, and scoliosis orthosis. Although the incidence of spinal trauma is relatively low, once it occurs, it will lead to more serious consequences. With the development of competitive sports, such injuries have also increased. Cervical and spinal orthoses are mainly used to protect the spine after injury and limit spinal activity. It is an essential auxiliary tool for post-injury rehabilitation training. The scoliosis orthosis is mainly suitable for patients with scoliosis with a Cobb's angle of 20°-40°. The three-point force system of the principles of bioengineering mechanics is used to change the mechanical and kinematic characteristics of the spine and pelvis, thoracic and scapula, and to correct the spinal deformity.


1. Used to support weakened or paralyzed muscles and unstable joints to facilitate sitting or standing.

2. Fix or maintain the damaged area in a position that is easy to function and comfortable to eliminate pain and recover soon.

3. Prevent progressive spinal deformity caused by muscle imbalance, gravity or abnormal forces that cause tissue contracture deformation.

4. Correct the deformed spine.

Side effect:

1. Long-term wear of the orthosis can cause muscle weakness, causing some patients to be inseparable from the orthosis even if they do not need to wear it.

2. In the case of a fixed orthosis, it also causes joint contracture and hinders spinal motion.


1. Minimize usage time.

2. During the period of wear, you should take off the orthosis and do some gymnastics activities in due course.

3. When performing the above exercise exercises, if you think that it is not necessary to use the orthosis, you should stop wearing it as soon as possible.

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