What Is Knee Brace Used For?

- Jun 09, 2019-

What is knee brace used for?

Knee valgus is also commonly referred to as an X-shaped leg. When the two legs are standing sideways, the knee joints on both sides are touched together, and the two legs are unable to close together.

Common causes of knee valgus are:

Pediatric rickets

Congenital inheritance

Obstruction of cartilage development or abnormal development

Sequelae caused by external trauma such as trauma, fracture

The deformity of the leg not only affects the shape, but also has a greater impact on human health. In normal knee joints, the pressure is evenly distributed across the articular surface. Knee valgus or varus destroys the distribution of the normal force of the knee joint, increasing the force on one side of the joint and reducing the opposite side. At the same time, due to changes in the lower limb force line, the friction between the tibia and the femur increases. After a while, it will also cause pain when the knee is walking, and the joint activity will also be affected, which will easily lead to osteoarthritis of the knee.

There are many ways to correct knee valgus, which can be treated by surgery, or you can wear a knee brace to correct the correct walking posture of the leg. The principle of non-surgical correction is basically the same, and the stability of the inner and outer parts of the knee joint is restored by relaxing the lateral collateral ligament of the knee joint. Thereby the humerus is inverted and the target of correction is achieved. Correcting the X-shaped leg not only enhances the body shape of the body, but also improves the state of imbalance of the knee joint.

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