What Is Hallux Valgus?

- Aug 05, 2019-

What is hallux valgus?

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Today we will talk about the knowledge of hallux valgus.

The causes of hallux valgus can be divided into two types: congenital factors and acquired factors.

Congenital factors are caused by joints, nerves, muscles, etc. For example, flat feet, genetic and reduction and imbalance of plantar strength. The function of the sole is lowered, causing instability and deformation.

The acquired factors are caused by wearing shoes that are not fit. Usually because the heel is too high, the shoes are too sharp and too narrow, so that the heel is not easy to fix, causing crushing and pressing on the toes, which not only affects the extension and movement of the toes, causes discomfort and pain, but also destroys the original three. A foothold function. While walking, the whole body weight falls on the front part of the foot, and the toes will gradually deform due to the weight of the body, thus causing the phenomenon of hallux valgus.

How to prevent hallux valgus?

When buying shoes, you should purchase a pair of wide-toe shoes that allow your toes to have enough space to reduce the pressure on the toes. In addition, the standard shoes designed with correct arches have strong shock absorption and decompression effects, so that the weight of the whole body that the foot bears when walking is evenly distributed on the soles of the feet. It will not be pressed to the toes due to improper distribution, causing inflammation and relaxation of the ligaments. Wearing long-term inappropriate shoes to walk, it is easy to cause hallux valgus and cause inflammation and pain.

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What is hallux valgus?