What Is External Fixation Used For?

- Jul 29, 2019-

What is external fixation used for?

Medically, the use of external fixation products, medical orthopedic protectors, is a method of treating fractures that has the best effect and corresponding indications. In order to properly apply the orthosis to the appropriate symptoms, it is necessary to understand the role of various orthoses in the fixation of fractures.

The advantages of the orthosis applied to the external fixation of the fracture are as follows:

1. Can provide a good fixation for the fracture on the outside, assisted treatment and post-operative fixation. It is beneficial to reduce pain, reduce blood loss and facilitate movement when the patient needs to do an examination or surgery to control the secondary injury of the patient.

2. Easy to observe and treat the wound without disturbing the fracture reduction. For patients with fracture defects, open autologous cancellosis can be performed after wound infection control.

3. The orthosis fixed to the outside has a variety of soft and hard choices that can be adjusted as the fracture heals.

4. According to the type of fracture, the fracture can be rotated or the lateral force can be fixed, and the length of the affected limb can be maintained by traction.

5. The affected area can move up and down, which is conducive to fracture healing.

6. Suitable for the treatment of infectious fractures and infectious nonunion.

7. It is easy to raise the affected limb, which is beneficial to improve blood circulation and avoid pressing the posterior side of the limb. This is very important when the fracture is combined with limb burn or extensive skin exfoliation.

8. Easy to wear and take off.

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