What Is A Patella Knee Strap Used For?

- Apr 10, 2019-

What is a patella knee strap used for?

Patella knee strap is a kind of protective gear for the knee brace. It is not as big as the knee brace and is more convenient to wear. It is usually worn in both cases in order to prevent sports injuries and protect the injured knee.

The main role of the patella knee strap is to protect the patella ligament, stabilize the tibia, reduce the wear of the meniscus, and also protect the joint. At the same time, it pays more attention to the protection of key parts and has good flexibility, which is very popular among sports enthusiasts.

Patella knee strap is simple to use but very effective. If the compression is on the side, the lateral collateral ligament and the end of the bundle can be stabilized. Pressurization between the femur and the tibia can reduce the pressure and wear on the cartilage tissue such as the meniscus.

At the same time, it is also relatively light, basically does not hinder the normal range of motion, and particularly comfortable to wear in the summer.

The knee has a very important position in running, and the knee injury also accounts for a high proportion of running, so we can carry it with us during long-distance running, in case of emergency.

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