What Is A Neoprene Knee Sleeve?

- Apr 14, 2019-

what is a neoprene knee sleeve?

Neoprene knee sleeve has an open-hole design at the position of the tibia and a special thickening and strengthening treatment at the opening. The opening is designed to protect the kneecap more effectively while reducing the pressure on the tibia from the kneepad to a certain extent. Compared with the ordinary knee pads, the tibia can be better fixed to avoid the friction caused by the abnormal movement of the tibia.

Neoprene knee sleeve has two nylon pressure bands that provide pressure protection that makes it less prone to slip.

Neoprene knee sleeve has non-slip elastics on both sides and is one size fits all, making it more comfortable to wear.

Applicable to:

Abnormal movement of the tibia

Posterior tibial pain

Difficulties up and down stairs and underarms

Fitness enthusiasts who often run

The knee joint is the most complex large joint of the human body. There are many ligaments around it, muscles and tendons interlaced. When high-intensity exercise and high-pressure external force, this stable structure will be broken and cause damage. This type of knee brace can also be worn in daily life because it does not compress the cheekbones and restrict the bending movement of the knee joint.

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