What Is A Maternity Support Belt​ Used For?

- Mar 29, 2019-

What is a maternity support belt used for?

The role of the maternity support belt is mainly to help the pregnant woman hold up the raised abdomen. At the same time, it can also be used for the feeling that the tummy is relatively large and heavy, and the person who needs to hold the tummy with the help when walking.

The maternity support belt is mainly used for

1) Pregnant women can support the back during pregnancy due to loose pain in the ligaments connected to the pelvis.

2) The fetal position is the buttocks. After the doctor performs the external reversal, after turning to the head position, in order to prevent it from returning to the original hip circumference, the stomach can be used to bring restrictions.

3) The maternity support belt has a strong telescopic elasticity, which can lift the enlarged abdomen from the lower abdomen, thereby preventing the uterus from sagging, protecting the fetal position and reducing the pressure on the lower back.

4) Prevent cold in the abdomen and effectively support the abdomen.

In order not to affect the development of the fetus, the stomach lift belt can not be wrapped too tightly, and should be taken off at night. The stomach lift belt should be selected to be adjustable, easy to remove and wear, and has a strong breathability and will not be stuffy.

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