What Is A Foot Orthosis?

- May 26, 2019-

What is a foot orthosis?

The function of the foot orthosis:

Control the internal and external valgus of the subtalar joint and the internal and external rotation of the transverse ankle joint to reduce the forces on the hip joint, knee joint, ankle joint and spine, and absorb part of the ground reaction force.

For atrophy, crusting, crusting, ulcers and other diseases of the foot such as sacral pain have the effect of relieving pain and symptoms.

It can support the arch in the longitudinal direction and the lateral direction, and control the angle of the internal rotation of the foot during walking to improve the position of the foot movement and assist the walking effect.

For patients with diabetes, stroke, cerebral palsy, tendonitis, arthritis, foot ulceration and flat feet, a more uniform distribution of foot bearing pressure can be provided.

Indications for foot orthosis: lower limbs unequal length, partial amputation foot, congenital defect foot, varus foot, valgus foot, clubfoot, sagging foot, flat foot, high arch foot, sickle foot, subtalar joint strength , stiff, valgus, rheumatoid deformed foot, diabetic foot, foot fracture, foot requiring partial or complete delivery, heel pain, foot pain, arch pain, ankle pain, foot neuroma pain, foot Bottom pain, Achilles tendinitis, decidua, posterior tendonitis, hammer toe, overlapping toe, claw toe, corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, synovitis, etc.


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foot orthosis

foot orthosis