What Is A Bunion Night Splint?

- Jul 01, 2019-

What is a bunion night splint?

The human foot, like other organs in the body, gradually undergoes degenerative changes as it ages. Foot pain is a manifestation of degenerative changes. Especially the elderly and frail people, usually walk less, the skin muscles of the soles of the feet become soft, and the subcutaneous fat becomes thinner. When walking, the ground licks the bones of the feet, and it is painful.

Toe valgus is more common in middle-aged and elderly women. The main manifestations are pain in the toes when walking or standing, tilting to the small toe at the big toe, swelling of the toe joint, and thickening of the local skin. This disease has certain genetic factors. The method of prevention and treatment is to wear a suitable health shoe or a toe separator. It is recommended to use a special bunion night splint to fix the big toe when sleeping at night. It can not only protect the thumb to rub each other at night, but also try to return the hallux to the neutral position and keep the phalangeal joints aligned. In addition, bunion night splint is designed specifically for right or left. However, if the patient is seriously ill, surgery is required.

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Bunion Night Splint

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