What Does The Plastic Cervical Collar With Chin Support Do?

- Apr 22, 2019-

What does the plastic cervical collar with chin support do?

The treatment of spinal diseases is divided into non-surgical treatment and surgical treatment, and traction is the main symptom relief symptom in the treatment of cervical spondylosis in non-surgical treatment. Effective traction can relieve neck muscle spasm, relieve pain symptoms, increase intervertebral space and intervertebral foramen, which is conducive to the stability of the nucleus pulposus and fibrous tissue, relieve and relieve nerve root compression and stimulation, and promote nerve root edema absorption. , relieve the curvature of the vertebrae to the vertebral artery. Promote blood circulation, which is conducive to local congestion and hyperplasia, sending some adhesion joint capsules, improving and restoring hook joints, adjusting facet joint dislocation and vertebral spondylolisthesis. Adjust and restore the internal and external balance of the damaged cervical vertebrae and restore the normal function of the cervical vertebrae.

Plastic cervical collar with chin support is a cervical spondylosis treatment product designed according to this principle and convenient for patients to use at home.

Plastic cervical collar with chin support surrounds the neck and is structured and shaped to help maintain a certain angle of the cervical spine and to keep the muscles around the spine stretched.

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