What Does A Knee Brace Actually Do?

- Jun 05, 2019-

What does a knee brace actually do?

Knee brace is a type of rehabilitation brace. The main purpose is to prevent patients with knee surgery from wearing heavy and airtight gypsum. It can also be called multi-angle adjustable knee brace.

The range of applications:

Rehabilitation after knee surgery

Internal and external ligament and anterior and posterior cruciate ligament injury or postoperative recovery

Immobilization or activity limitation after meniscal injury

Loose knee, postoperative arthritis or fracture

Conservative treatment of knee and soft tissue injuries, prevention of contracture

Fixed after the early removal of plaster

Functional conservative treatment of collateral ligament injury

Stable fracture

Severe or complicated ligament relaxation fixation



For patients recovering from knee surgery, the recovery period is very important.

1. It takes time to recover after ligament surgery, and 6 to 12 weeks after surgery is the weakest link.

2. Functional protective gear physically and psychologically tells the patient that they have completed the operation, but needs a transition time to return to normal physical condition, and this is a physical therapy that restores excellent joint function.

3. Knee brace can further psychologically convince the patient that they will still be well protected after leaving the hospital.

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