What Does A Knee Brace Actually Do?

- Apr 12, 2019-

What does a knee brace actually do?

Knee brace has an effect on the muscles, ligaments and joints of the entire knee. Have silicone pads can enhance the slow vibration, the support bars on both sides can be strengthened to protect, and the openings have the functions of rapid heat dissipation and ventilation. There are also for post-injury rehabilitation from the calf to the thigh, maintaining the thigh and calf in a straight line, thereby reducing the curvature of the knee joint, in order to avoid aggravation of the condition.

The knee joint is the place where the thigh bone and the calf bone meet. The front is the tibia, the middle is the meniscus, and the surrounding is fixed and protected by muscles and ligaments. Under normal circumstances, the knee is like a hinge when walking normally, and the kneecap is displaced up and down, and it will not shake back and forth or left and right. However, during strenuous exercise, because of excessive force, insufficient strength of the muscle ligament and fatigue, the knee bone may cause non-linear motion, and the knee may be injured. The knee brace protects and supports the kneecap in a relatively stable position, allowing it to move according to a predetermined trajectory, which reduces the probability of injury.

Knee brace has a large protective area, comprehensive performance, good protection effect, and can play a role in preventing injury and assisting rehabilitation to protect the injured knee joint. But to completely avoid "running knees" only strengthen the muscles around the knee joints, the tendons of the ligaments, so that they can withstand the impact of higher intensity, this is fundamental.

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