What Do Bunion Correctors Do?

- Jun 13, 2019-

What do bunion correctors do?

The main symptoms of hallux valgus:

1. The hallux valgus, rotation deformity, local pain, difficulty walking.

2. The second toe hammer toe, the second and third metatarsal heads form a hernia, and the first metatarsophalangeal joint forms a foot bunion.

3. More women than men, more common in middle-aged women, who are accustomed to wearing high heels and pointed shoes are also prone to disease. The hallux valgus often appears symmetrically on both feet, mainly manifested as foot deformity and pain. The deformity is characterized by the valgus of the toe of the foot, which is skewed toward the other toes, and the humeral head at the base of the thumb is prominent. When the deformity is severe, the protruding part of the phalanges can be hemispherical, and the second toe also protrudes toward the back of the foot due to the pressing. This is one of the main symptoms of hallux valgus.

4. The pain of the foot is not proportional to the degree of deformity. Sometimes the thumb is deformed seriously, but the pain is not obvious. However, most patients with severe deformities experience varying degrees of pain. The pain is mainly due to the protruding part of the humeral head. It is squeezed and rubbed by the upper for a long time, which causes local skin thickening and bone hyperplasia, and can produce bursae and bursitis under the skin, causing redness and pain. In addition, the second toe protrudes toward the instep, often rubbing problems such as corns, and can cause pain.

It is recommended that patients with hallux valgus use the hallux valgus orthosis, and gradually balance the tension on both sides of the big toe, which can improve the deformity angle and the condition of the big toe, so that the hallux bone is in the normal human biomechanical position, gradually Alleviate and recover from pain and deformity symptoms.

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