What Cervical Orthosis Do?

- May 18, 2019-

What cervical orthosis do?

Indications for  cervical orthosis

1. Fixation after cervical spine injury

2. Fixation of severe cervical spine injury during conservative treatment

3. Exercise protection of cervical spine injury during rehabilitation

4. Doctors who have higher requirements for cervical spine fixation

5. The doctor asks the patient to restrict the rotation of the upper cervical vertebra

6. Upper thoracic fracture, cervical dislocation and subluxation after fixation and fixation.


1. The head ring fixing device effectively limits the rotation of the head and ensures the fixation of the cervical spine.

2. The occipital control device is most suitable for various occipital shapes.

3. The occipital fine adjustment device can finely adjust the occipital height along the oblique 15 degree trajectory.

4. The height control structure of the chest compression piece can adjust the height of the dorsal chest compression piece according to the patient's body shape.

5. The occipital height control device can control the height of the occipital bone support until the occipital bone is supported.

6. The jaw height control device can control the height of the lower jaw until the lower jaw is supported.

7. Removable padded breathable lining for added comfort and cleansing.

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