What Back Brace Do I Need?

- Jun 17, 2019-

What back brace do I need?

Lumbar disc herniation, also known as lumbar disc herniation, is one of the common lumbar disorders in clinical disease. The intervertebral disc is composed of three parts: the nucleus pulposus, the annulus fibrosus and the cartilage plate. After the age of 30, all parts of the intervertebral disc will have different degrees of degenerative changes, and the elasticity and toughness of the intervertebral disc will decrease. If during the labor or sports activities, the waist is subjected to twisting, flashing or impacting, when the weight is lifted, the self-excessive force is too large, the overworked injury causes the intervertebral disc fiber to rupture, and the nucleus pulposus tissue comes out from the rupture mouth, stimulating and compressing the spinal cord. The nerve roots produce symptoms of waist-legged collusion, that is, the waist and leg with root sciatica, because the symptoms are mainly lumbar and leg pain, so Chinese medicine generally refers to it as injury to low back pain.

In the early stage of this disease, there will be symptoms of nerve palsy, pain, cauda equina, and sciatic nerve pain in the lower extremities. If you do not take it seriously, let it go, it will further cause nerve and muscle atrophy of the lower extremities. In serious cases, it may even Causes embarrassment.

During lumbar disc herniation, it is necessary to pay attention to keep warm at the waist, try not to suffer from cold, wear back brace at the waist during the day, strengthen the protection of the lower back, and also help the recovery of lumbar spondylosis. When buying a back brace, be careful not to buy a general back support. The normal back support function only prevents the waist muscles from being damaged. It is effective to wear a special lumbar disc belt.

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