What Back Brace Do I Need?

- Apr 26, 2019-

What back brace do I need?

Back brace is generally made of breathable fabric, high-quality elastic elastic band, elastic cloth and so on. It contains semi-hard aluminum bars or medical fiber strips to support and fix the spine and tighten the abdomen pull force and Velcro to ensure long-term safe use of the back brace. It is easy to adjust the size and tightness, reduce the weight of the lumbar vertebrae, limit the activity of the lumbosacral vertebrae, relieve pain, and assist the rehabilitation of physical therapy. Usually anti-allergic, breathable, comfortable to wear, has a certain protective effect on the waist of the spine.

Back brace can exert a certain pressure on the muscles and adjust the balance of exercise stress. To some extent, strengthen muscle strength and reduce swelling. The harder one can provide a certain supporting force during exercise, dragging the over-waisted waist, reducing the force on the muscles and protecting the waist from sprains or soreness. The double or multi-layer material is soft and comfortable with strong insulation. It also strengthens cell metabolism, burns fat, and regulates tightness. Applying the right pressure at the same time helps to lose weight and body sculpting.

How to choose:

The first is to choose according to the purpose. One is to provide a protective functional belt for people with lumbar discomfort or lumbar disease, and the other is a belt for pelvic protection for postpartum women.

The second is based on the material fabric. The key to material selection is to see if the material is slim and breathable. Whether it is summer or winter, if you can't breathe and sweat, then wearing it on your body becomes a burden.

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