What Are The First Signs Of Tennis Elbow?

- May 28, 2019-

What are the first signs of tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is caused by long-term strain on the lateral side of the elbow joint, causing partial or complete fiber tearing and damage to the origin of the extensor tendon attached to the elbow and surrounding soft tissue, causing tendonitis, or due to repeated friction, causing periosteal trauma around the upper iliac crest. , causing periostitis. During clinical examination, the elbow joint flexion and rotation function is normal, but the anti-resistance wrist joint extension and forearm supination can cause pain in the affected area, indicating that the lesion is at the starting point of the extension of the wrist tendon. Tennis players are known for their vulnerability to this disease. However, the current patient population is relatively wide, mostly with housewives, bricklayers, carpentry and other long-term repeated efforts to do elbow activities. And people who suffer from the disease will feel pain in the affected part when they are trying to grasp or lift the object. Seriously affect our normal activities.

What are the first signs of tennis elbow?

There was mild pain in the initial affected area, which gradually worsened. Most of the disease is slow, the initial symptoms of tennis elbow, only feel the acidity and mild pain of the elbow joint. The patient feels pain in the upper part of the elbow joint. The pain can sometimes radiate upward or downward, feeling sore and discomfort, and unwilling to move.


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