What Are The Advantages Of Night Splint?

- Mar 27, 2019-

What are the advantages of night splint?

There are many advantages of night splint as below.

1) If the patient can’t walk on the ground, only stay in the bed for a long time, the night splint can use for prevention of drop foot in bed-ridden.

2) If you have the plantar fasciitis, the night splint can treat it.

3) If you have the Achilles tendon repair, the night splint also can treat it.

4) Night splint uses for immobilization of the foot, it can prevent the second damage.

5) Night splint can gentle stretch for Achilles tendon.

6) The lining material quality is soft velour-lined, it provides optimal comfort.

7) Night splint has adjustable dorsiflexion straps can wear more comfortable.

8) Night splint can suitable for right and left leg.

9) minimal house-hold ambulation is possible via pawl surface under the sole of orthosis.

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What Are The Advantages Of Night Splint