What Are Orthopedic Products?

- May 02, 2019-

what are orthopedic products?

According to different market positioning, orthopedic products can be divided into sports protective gear and medical protective gear. When the sports protective gear is used in various sports, the wearing time is short and plays a certain role in sports protection. Medical protective gear is more suitable for physical injury or rehabilitation, and it takes a long time to wear. Used in conjunction with various physical rehabilitation activities.

According to the material classification, the orthopedic products can be classified into two types: hard protective gear and soft protective gear. They are all elastically adjustable and easy to wear. They are made of different materials and uses, and consumers can choose according to their needs.

Soft protective gear is usually made of soft elastic cloth, breathable elastic cloth, rubber sponge, leather and other soft materials. A small amount of plastic or metal support strips can be added as needed for general protection. Such as soft knee pads, soft elbow pads, soft back and socks for health care. The muscles, ligaments, joints, etc. of the neck, trunk and limbs of the human body can be protected from damage by elastic compression and proper unloading support for the parts to be protected or injured. Or as an auxiliary treatment for various injuries and post-surgical orthopedic recovery, relieve pain, and have certain rehabilitation and exercise protection effects.

According to the research report on the analysis and development prospects of China's medical protective gear market released by China Industrial Research Network in 2018, hard protective gears are generally made of leather plastic, soft plastic, metal or other hard materials covered with soft pads. It is highly protective and can be used as a protective measure to participate in some extreme sports. The harder shell prevents sharp impacts, which is not possible with soft protectors. Because under the sharp impact, the pressure is large, it will damage the human body through the soft protective gear. The harder outer casing is not easily deformed, and the impact area can be increased to achieve the purpose of reducing the pressure. The soft material lining has a cushioning effect on the impact pressure.

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