What are bicycle gloves?

- Nov 14, 2018-

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Cycling gloves is sweat, non-slip, breathable, protect the palms and wrists. Sweat, breathable and non-slip are complementary. When the bicycle is in high-speed motion, the rider's control of the bicycle depends largely on the effort. The exquisite workmanship of the riding gloves is all about the anti-slip effect. The gas permeability depends on the material and size of the winter cycling gloves. The protection of the palm is mainly reflected in the rollover. The rider often touches the ground with the palm of his hand to make the body land slowly. If there is no glove to absorb the shock, such action will easily cause the palm to be worn and seriously damage the joint.

The reason why riding bike gloves are silently contributed is that there are not many friends who recognize that gloves protect wrist joints. In fact, because the rider adopts a sitting posture and a grip style different from that of a casual bicycle, this causes the wrist joint to be in an abnormal state of tension for a long time, and its negative influence on nerves and tendons is even lifelong. The special function of riding gloves is to minimize the pressure on the wrist. Compare it with the back of the ordinary glove. You will find that the front is not flat but upturned, which is exactly the same as the rider. The posture of the grip is consistent.