walker boot product performance

- Dec 17, 2019-

This medical external fixation has a hinge dial that can adjust the angle of joint straightening/bending. It has the function of adjusting the flexion and extension angle of the ankle. It can be increased or decreased in sequence every 15 degrees, allowing the ankle to move within a specific flexion and extension angle. The bottom of the boot is attached with a rubber sole, and there are sculptable metal strips on the inside and outside to fix the ankle, and a sponge sandwich fabric pad is attached. The sponge sandwich fabric pad can be replaced to wind the ankle and the calf. An adjustable heel position makes the forefoot fully loaded. Eliminate frequent replacement of plaster fixation at different angles. Medical material, hypoallergenic, non-fading, durable, strong fixed support, not easy to loose and evil position, easy to wear, lightweight, comfortable, open structure, easy to adjust

 Indications of walker boot

1. Ankle fracture fixation;

2. Fracture of the lower tibia and fibula;

3. Ankle ligament injury;

Need to know the use of walker boot:

Unscrew the anti-rotation screw at the opening of the transparent plastic cover, turn the plastic cover to align the notch of the plastic cover with the positioning pin, pull out the latch, turn the plastic cover, align the notch with the angled hole you want to adjust, and insert the positioning pin. Rotate the plastic cover to the other side, use the same method to make the positioning, and then turn the notch of the plastic cover to the position of the anti-rotation screw hole, screw in the anti-rotation screw, and adjust the other side in the same way.