Types Of Lower Limb Orthosis.

- May 12, 2019-

Types of lower limb orthosis.

Lower limb orthosis commonly used for sports injury rehabilitation has a digital chuck adjustable knee orthosis, an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction orthosis, an inflatable ankle orthosis, a dynamic ankle orthosis, and the like.

Digital chuck adjustment brace can be used for knee joint meniscus injury treatment and postoperative rehabilitation, treatment of ligament injury and postoperative braking, adjuvant treatment of knee osteoarthritis, and knee synovial lesion, synovitis Treatment and postoperative rehabilitation.

The inflatable ankle orthosis is mainly used for the partial fracture of the ankle joint ligament. The two sides are made of hard plastic plates, and the inner surface of the plate has an inflatable plastic bag to play a better fixing role. Therefore, patients wearing this orthosis can walk on the ground without affecting general activities.

The Dynamic Ankle orthosis is designed for functional therapy by placing the foot in a neutral position and limiting flexion and varus while maintaining the range of motion for back extension and valgus. The orthosis can be used immediately after injury due to the fact that the plastic shell on the inside of the back and the guiding belt can limit the external hemorrhoids. In the first two weeks, the orthosis can be used for local fixation. After the doctor's consent, the orthosis can be worn by the orthosis to provide early safety training for the patient.

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