The structure, functions, materials and benefits of posture support

- Dec 12, 2019-

1. Clavicle fracture during the acute phase, conservative or postoperative fixation. 2. Patients with bad postures who need correction This product is designed by imported nylon and braided belts to correct posture and posture, back clavicle belts, and prevent cervical spine diseases. Unisex correction belt, sitting in the office with a sore neck, wearing this correction belt, the neck is not sore, and he can also correct the belt by putting on his back, no more hump, and promote human blood circulation. The comfortable effect soothes muscle stiffness and prevents strain during exercise.

Structure, function, materials, and advantages of the posture support: the posture support is made of (1) comfortable and breathable fabric, buckle and adhesive tape. (2). The unique "8" shape design makes the underarm area comfortable. (3) Effectively reduce the medial fracture, (4) Convenient and comfortable to wear. Light and comfortable, good breathability, easy adjustment of elasticity.

 "Painless without motion" is the reason for fracture braking to relieve pain, so plaster fixation is the main analgesic method after fracture, but spinal fractures are difficult to fix with plaster. The pain caused by vertebral compression fractures is mainly caused by the movement of the fracture site. In addition to drug treatment in the acute phase, the posture support is fixed to limit the movement of the fracture site. It is also a very effective treatment.

The thoracolumbar brace external fixation method has been developed from rigid fixation to elastic fixation. The latter is a balance of the need for fixation of the fracture and the movement of the lumbar and back muscles. loose.

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