The Scope Of Application Of The Orthopedic Cervical Thoracic Orthosis.

- Mar 13, 2019-

The scope of application of the orthopedic cervical thoracic orthosis.

Orthopedic cervical thoracic orthosis is suitable for patients with cervical spine injury and high thoracic spine injury. It function is limiting the movement of the cervical vertebrae, and reduce the burden of the head and the burden on the cervical vertebra at the same time. It can limit the stretching of the front and back, the flexion, the lateral curvature and the left and right rotation. Supporting force of lifting; light and easy to disassemble; fixation and protection of cervical spine injury after fixation and rehabilitation, fixation and protection of cervical spine arthritis and cervical stability fracture, also commonly used to remove head ring cervical orthosis (Haro After the stent) or other patients with higher requirements for cervical spine fixation

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orthopedic cervical thoracic orthosis.