The role of lumbar support.

- Apr 17, 2020-

The role of lumbar support.

The lumbar support occupies a relatively important position in the clinical practice of spinal surgery. For most spinal diseases, one of the main methods of conservative treatment is lumbar support. However, in clinical practice, patients often complain that the lumbar pain belt is useless, ask him what lumbar support he took, and take a closer look at the removed items. Except for the shape of the lumbar support, the inner pressure and the lumbar support cannot be put on top. Many doctors also have limited knowledge of lumbar support. Today we will talk about lumbar support.


What is the cause of low back pain?

The causes of low back pain are very complex, so complex that it is possible to write a book. Obviously this is not the focus of this article. Generally, the mechanism of pain is summarized into three categories:

The first type of pain comes from bony structures, such as spinal instability, spinal fractures, etc .;

The second type of pain comes from soft tissue, such as damage to the paraspinal muscles;

The third type of pain comes from nerves, such as the pain caused by the herniated intervertebral disc pressing the nerve.

In many cases, the pain of the three categories is not as detailed as the distinction. To a certain extent, the three will also affect each other and cause each other.


What is the mechanism of action of the lumbar support?

Summarizing the causes of low back pain, all conservative or surgical treatments for low back pain at this stage are actually around these three aspects. The lumbar support exists as an external form of traumatic orthopedic internal and external fixation. Its main functions are:

1. Protect the waist muscles and relax the waist muscles. When the human body stands daily, there is a certain tension in the muscles around the spine of the lower back to maintain the human body's upright posture. The pain in the waist will fix the spine in a pain-free position, which ultimately leads to the waist Muscle cramps, which in turn will exacerbate low back pain and form a vicious circle. After wearing the lumbar support, it can partially replace the lower back muscles to maintain the posture of the human body, improve the strength of the lower back muscles, relax the muscles, and reduce low back pain;

2. Limit the activity of the spine. The unstable activity of the spine is a major cause of low back pain. Wearing a lumbar support can limit the activity of the waist to a large extent. After the activity is reduced, local repair of the spinal injury can relieve pain.

Is the lumbar support effective?

Whether the lumbar support is effective or not, many patients have questions about this problem. From the existing literature, for patients with acute low back pain, the effect of wearing a lumbar support to treat low back pain is relatively positive. However, for patients with chronic low back pain, the effect of brace treatment is unclear, and the current literature does not support the use of lumbar support for this group of people. The reason why the treatment effect of acute and chronic low back pain braces are not clear. Personal analysis, acute low back pain is related to the acute injury of the body structure. Wearing a lumbar support provides a relatively good healing environment for the acute injury, and the low back pain is natural after the structure heals Relief; while chronic low back pain, the damaged structure undergoes the process of side-by-side repair-side repair. This process has become chronic. Short-term wearing of a lumbar support does not fundamentally solve the dynamic evolution process of damage-repair.