The role of knee braces

- Mar 13, 2020-

The role of knee braces.


There are three functions of knee braces, one is braking, the other is heat insulation, and the third is health care. I don't talk much about the insulation. The knee is very easy to get cold. Many knee joint diseases are related to the cold of the knee. Especially on the mountain, the mountain wind is very cold and very hard. Often, the leg muscles will feel very cold because they have been exercising. It ’s hot, but the knees are not hot because there is no muscle movement. When people feel that the legs are comfortable to dissipate heat, the knees are actually getting cold. At this time, if you wear knee braces, the knee braces will be able to reflect the heat. .


Mainly talk about the braking effect of knee braces. The knee joint is where the upper and lower leg bones meet. There is a meniscus in the middle and a sacrum in front. The sacrum is stretched by two muscles. It is very easy to slide before being suspended at the junction of the leg bones. There is also no strenuous exercise, so the sacrum can move normally in the small area of the knee. Because the mountaineering exercise exerts too much pressure on the knee, and coupled with the vigorous exercise in mountaineering, it is easy to cause the sacrum to be pulled away from the original site, thereby causing diseases of the knee joint. Wearing knee braces can fix the sacrum in a relatively stable position to ensure that it is not easily injured. The above is the light braking effect of the knee pad when the knee joint is not injured. After the knee joint is injured, using a knee pad with heavy braking can reduce the bending of the knee and maintain a straight line from the thigh to the calf, reducing the knee Bend to protect the knee joint from aggravating the condition.


The knee is a place where sports injuries often occur. Injury to the knee not only affects sports function, but also limits daily activities. Regardless of preventing knee injuries or protecting injured knees, knee support plays a great role in it.


Sports protection: The knee joint itself is not damaged, but the knee joint may be damaged during strenuous exercise. It is necessary to wear knee braces to prevent injuries.


Injury prevention and treatment: Soft tissues of the knee joint, such as ligaments, need to be worn to prevent the injury from aggravating and promote the rehabilitation of the injury.


Force line correction: The knee joint deforms due to rheumatism and other diseases. The abnormal deformation of the lower limb force line caused by the joint deformation will aggravate the knee joint. At this time, it is necessary to wear a knee pad to correct the lower limb force line.


At the same time, some knee braces also have the effect of keeping warm. In short, if your knee is healthy, you can wear knee braces to avoid injuries when participating in some strenuous exercise; if your knees have already been damaged, then wearing a knee pad can avoid further development of injuries and ensure exercise Done successfully.