The correct method of wearing the neck support

- Dec 11, 2019-

The correct wearing of the cervical collar is important for fixation and comfort. Maintaining the patient's head in a neutral position (mild hyperextension) at all times plays a key role in maintaining cervical spine stability.

Indications and population of cervical support: 1. Cervical spine fractures and dislocations 2. After cervical traction treatment, before and after cervical spine surgery 3. Cervical spondylosis 4. Cervical shoulder syndrome

The role of wearing a cervical collar: 

  1. Make the cervical spine stable. 2. Prevent bone deformation and soft tissue contracture. 3. Support the head and reduce the pressure on the cervical spine. 4. It has obvious relief effects on pain and other symptoms. 5. Relax your muscles and reduce pain. 6. Limit movement and promote the healing of soft tissues or bony structures. 7. Reduce neck pain caused by long hours of work, study or driving.


1. When wearing a cervical collar, care should be taken to keep the neck dry and hygienic to avoid skin damage caused by wet skin and friction.

2. When wearing a cervical collar, try to choose clothes that do not have a collar or a low collar to prevent clothing from being caught in the cervical collar and causing skin discomfort and discomfort.

3. Patients with long hair should comb their hair to a fixed position higher than the upper edge of the neck support of the rear film to prevent getting into the neck support and causing neck discomfort.

 4. The patient's vision is affected after wearing the cervical collar and should choose to wear light non-slip shoes without heels to prevent falling.

Wearing time: After cervical anterior decompression and fusion and internal fixation, according to different fixed segments and different patient conditions, the neck support is generally worn for 6 weeks to 3 months; posterior neck is usually worn for 3 weeks after a single door opening; In patients with shoulder pain, neck support is not recommended for more than 2 weeks, otherwise, muscle atrophy may be caused.