Tenosynovitis is committed, you have to practice this while using the wristband

- Dec 30, 2019-

The right thumb had terrible pain, and it couldn't be stretched out. He slammed it hard, only to hear a "click", but it was easy to straighten, but he couldn't bend again. What happened to your fingers? In fact, this is a typical symptom of tenosynovitis.

Once committed tenosynovitis, "hands-on" is very particular about.

How exactly does tenosynovitis occur? This starts with the special structure of tendons and tendon sheaths.

The human tendon is wrapped with a double sleeve-like closed synovial tube, that is, a tendon sheath, as if the metal wire in the wire is covered by a plastic sheath.

The outer layer of the tendon sheath is fibrous tissue, which plays a role in fixing and protecting the tendon. The inner layer is a synovial membrane that nourishes the tendon and secretes synovial fluid to facilitate the sliding of the tendon.

When you frequently move your fingers to make the tendon excessively rub for a long time, it will cause damage to the tendon and tendon sheath, the tendon will slowly degenerate, the secretory function of the synovial sheath will gradually decrease, and the tendon sheath will gradually form inflammation or even swelling, and pain will occur. And dyskinesias, this is tenosynovitis.

However, the tightness of the tendon sheath varies from person to person, the tension is higher, and the chance of tenosynovitis is higher.

Tenosynovitis tends to occur on the fingers and wrists.

Tenosynovitis occurs when the base of the thumb, middle finger or ring finger is called flexor tendon stenosis tenosynovitis, also known as "flicking fingers" or "trigger fingers." In the early stages of the onset, the fingers snapped and pained when the fingers were flexed and stretched. In severe cases, the joints could not flex or straighten, as if they were suddenly “stuck”.

Good crowd: people who often do manual work, practice musical instruments, love to play games and middle-aged and elderly women who do more housework.

Tenosynovitis occurs at the thumb near the back of the wrist and is called radial styloid stenosis tenosynovitis, also known as "mother's hand".

People who are prone to breastfeeding: women who often hold children and carry heavy weights during breastfeeding.

 Tenosynovitis is committed, you can do this

1. It is very important to minimize the activity of the affected area.

2. Physical therapy and hot compress.

3. Apply anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointment such as Futalin ointment to relieve pain.

4. Take medicines such as wound dampness analgesic cream, Qizheng Xiaotong plaster or acupuncture treatment.

5. If the above symptoms can not be relieved, local closed treatment can be done, that is, anesthetic and hormone injection in the affected area.

6. In order to reduce the induction, you can wear wrist support and finger guards, or elastic bandages, or braces.

7. If conservative treatment fails, a narrow tendonectomy may be required.

After the occurrence of tenosynovitis, in addition to adequately resting the affected hand, its care and exercise are also important.

1. Wash your hands with warm water, and touch cold water as little as possible.

2. Raise your hands during rest. Do not hang your hands by the bed when you sleep to avoid increasing the pressure on your hands.

3. Perform functional exercises frequently.

Rotate your wrist. The wrist joint rotates 360 degrees.

Fist loose. Make a fist with the palm of your hand and relax.

Fight backpressure. Backpressure the fingers or palm of the affected hand with a healthy hand.

Support rubber band. Put a rubber band on the affected hand, spread it with your fingers, and relax.

 Stay away from tenosynovitis

1. People who often use their hands, such as those who do household chores and knit sweaters for a long time, should pay attention to the correct posture of fingers and wrists, and do not over-bend or stretch out. People who always hold children should not always use their strength in one hand. They should always alternate between the left and right hand and avoid always using the wrist, sometimes they can use the elbow.

2. Continuous-time with hands or wrists should not be too long. After working or after work, rub your fingers and wrists. You can also use hot water to bubble your hands. Also, keep your hands warm.

3, usually do not often carry, carry heavy items, go to the supermarket or grocery market to try to use small trolleys to load heavy items.