Shoulder Abduction Pillow & Arm brace

- Dec 18, 2019-

Product name: Medical shoulder pads

Size: around one yard

Cleaning and precautions:

1. When using, pay attention to keep it clean, then put it in a dry and ventilated place.

2. The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius during washing. Do not use alkaline detergents. Do not rub hard.

3. Do not soak in water or leave it in water for a long time to avoid aging.

4. Dry naturally after washing, avoid exposure to the sun, avoid ironing, avoid material deformation and aging

Medical shoulder strap (enhanced) performance characteristics:

 1. Design, comfortable to wear, convenient, adjustable elasticity.

2.Material, breathable and comfortable

3.Fabric, soft-touch


1. Unknown lump on the skin. Those with a bleeding tendency (decreased blood size, leukemia) and ulcers in the skin of the affected area are prohibited.

2. Don't use it if you have metal substances such as pacemakers and metal artificial joints in your body.

3, disabled patients with traumatic symptoms of the waist.

4, pregnant women are disabled.

5. Discontinue use if dizziness occurs.

6, with caution for allergies.

It mainly includes the following aspects:

(1) Stability and support: By limiting abnormal movements of the limbs or torso to maintain the stability of the joints and restore weight-bearing or athletic ability.

(2) Protection and no-load: By fixing the diseased limb or joint, limiting its abnormal activities and maintaining the normal alignment of the limb and joint