Should I Wear Knee Brace While Running?

- Apr 06, 2019-

Should I wear knee brace while running?

Knee brace, as the name suggests, are "protecting the knees." Today we are talking about not keeping warm for winter, but sports knee brace for fitness.

Since the knee brace can protect the body, is it necessary to wear for all movements?

Of course not, it is not necessary to wear when it is impossible to cause knee damage.

The knee is the joint between the big and small legs. The main internal structure is the meniscus and the four ligaments. The simple structure leads to the weak knee joint. Cartilage tissue, especially the meniscus, is extremely vulnerable during exercise, especially for heavy weight training such as squat or deadlift. During the completion of these movements, the knee joint is under great pressure, and if the protection of the protective gear is lacking, the body movement is easily deformed. When the posture of the fitness movement is correct and the strength is moderate, it can help you exercise the lower limb muscles, but the wrong posture and excessive training, the local high pressure can easily cause joint discomfort, and even worse, the cartilage tissue is damaged.

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